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Andreas Moritz

Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, 4th Edition by Andreas Moritz | natural remedies

Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, 4th Edition by Andreas Moritz | natural remedies

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Looking for natural remedies?

Consider this book by Andeas Moritz.

Delve into the transformative insights of "Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation," now in its 4th Edition, authored by Andreas Moritz. This groundbreaking book challenges conventional medical wisdom and dispels society's prevalent health myths, asserting that optimal health is not only easily attainable but also a natural state for everyone, regardless of their current health status.

Moritz exposes the often-overlooked root causes of illness and aging, presenting potent self-help methodologies and natural remedies that stand the test of time. Rather than merely combating or suppressing illness, the book emphasizes the integration of mind and body to foster genuine healing. Drawing on 35 years of extensive research and firsthand experiences with a diverse global audience, Moritz shares the comprehensive knowledge necessary to unlock the innate healing power within each individual.

The book stands out because it goes beyond surface-level health advice, offering profound insights that empower readers to take control of their well-being. It unveils hundreds of controversial yet practical secrets that have proven to trigger health, wellness, and accelerated healing. Moritz combines ancient wisdom, successfully used for millennia, with newer insights documented by leading authorities in both mainstream and alternative medicine.

Whether you seek deeper perspectives on health or practical, step-by-step instructions, "Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation" caters to a wide range of readers. Moritz's wealth of experience, coupled with a wealth of new tips, breakthroughs, and discoveries, makes this edition a valuable resource for reclaiming and maintaining vibrant health. The book is presented in plain English, ensuring clarity and providing actionable guidance from the moment you open its pages.

Numerous doctors, nurses, patients and health conscious individuals have called this book "The Bible of Good Health" for good reasons. So why not put Timeless Secrets to the test? It may prove to be the most comprehensive, life-changing health guide you ever read.

"German-born, Ayurvedic medicine practitioner and health consultant, Andreas Moritz, has been very successful with terminal disease cases, which increases his credibility as an alternative medicine practitioner. His books are renowned for their comprehensiveness and readability. You don't need to be a health care expert to understand the everyday terminologies and fluid reasoning of the causes of disease. More importantly, you'll be amazed by the many overlooked things that influence our state of health. Reading with an open mind is highly recommended." 

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Customer Reviews

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Absolute Masterpiece Worth Every Penny

This book has the answers to EVERYTHING we need to know about what goes on inside our bodies. Mr. Moritz explains in very simple detail.

This book is a bible for the body. Ive learned how the digestive system works step by step - from start to finish, & how each organ is interrupted by the things I do to it.
It also teaches how to correct each & every health issue there is.
It even teaches how to quit smoking & binge eating.

SuZie C.
Mish Mash

I am not sure what to think of this book. While it is certainly voluminous, I don't know which data can be trusted. Clearly the author has a philosophical bent towards vegetarianism. As a result, he assumes that meat is the causal element in most disease, which is not necessarily the case. Much recent research shows that eating cholesterol-laden foods has never been shown to increase human levels. But high carbohydrate foods, such as refined sugars, do raise levels of about every bad thing (and to his credit, the author does point out the danger in these foods). So, while every culture that eats a lot of meat does have lower life spans, those same cultures also eat tremendous amounts of carbohydrates, most especially, the refined kinds, as well as fractionated foods, high-fructose corn syrup in nearly every prepared food, and transfats, which HAVE been implicated over and over in heart disease, high cholesterol, and are banned in many countries. And as for grain-based diets, there is also much recent research that increasingly hybridized strains of common grains may be to blame for the auto-immume epidemic, especially, for example, the dwarf variety of wheat that is the basis of many of our supposedly healthy foods (see the book Wheat Belly by William Davis.)

An interesting side note is that those countries that have been committed to vegetarianism as a prescribed way of life, due to religion, have become the most over-populated and poorest places on earth (think India and China, among others. There is such squalor and misery.) While it is true that eating a purely vegetarian diet may feed more people, but is feeding more and more people what we really want? What is the rationale behind this - filling the face of the earth with so many of us that a few grains of rice are all anyone can have? The experiences with using chemicals and agribusiness techniques for increasing yield on farms, so praised in the 60's and 70's are resulting in incredible starvation now as drought and over-production are creating less food (and less nutritious food) for more and more people. Better, in my mind, to have populations small enough that meat-eating in moderation is supported. Would it not make more sense to manage our populations and each of us eat the full complement of nutritious and healthy food that humans have eaten throughout their very successful tenure?

Additionally, there are anthropologists who, for good reason, attribute man's large brain and resulting control of the environment to the meat in his diet, however small or intermittent the meat meals.

Now, a disclaimer. I was a neuro-muscular massage therapist for about 10 years. I frequently had vegetarians come in with a myriad of complaints; mostly they were weak and pasty - all of them had muscle aches and pains from one end to the other, which was why they came to see me. Most of these folks had been vegetarian for 15 years or more and for them, it was a religion. They had near nervous breakdowns if they so much as found out a soup they ate was made with chicken broth. I would always tell them they might just try eating a bit of meat (not lots, just a few ounces a month, especially in the winter) - something naturally raised. Only about 5% would take the advice. Those five percent had tremendous health gains. The rest went on believing their religion and there was not much I could do as a therapist to help them with their pain but send them to a doctor. I am not a doctor; so this is not a scientific study or assessement. But my experience with vegetarians was consistent over 10 years.

There are also significant inconsistencies in the book. On the one hand, the author tells us that outside organisms don't cause our disease - they are always around and only give us trouble when we are weak. OK, so I can buy that. I have watched two people eat the same food and one will get food poisoning and the other does not. It does make sense. And then later, he demonizes meat (and grandma's leftovers) because they have outside organisms that can get us. He passes off the need to prove his many assertions, saying that basically, "There's too much data for me to back up scientifically, then he cherry picks references that suit his agenda, while never really backing up some of his wilder claims.

There is a lot - a whole lot - that is worthwhile in the book; the western diet is indeed absolutely appalling. But there is much that is dogmatic. The author starts with pre-conceived conclusions that are backed with with his points of view and in many areas, little else.

I can't recommend the book because I simply don't trust the data.

Lori G.
A Must Have Health Reference!

I am a Nurse, Massage Therapist, Herbalist and Reiki Master so I have studied intensely about health management on many levels and I have to say that this book is the most comprehensive book I've ever come across in that it contains the most information on the widest range of "tools" in the toolbox of health. It is full of truth and dispels many of the myths our culture has learned to depend on for staying healthy or preventing or treating disease, such as "the sun will give you skin cancer". Well, you don't have to look far to see that we are a nation full of sick, doped up and dumbed down people. Finally, someone has come forth to present REAL information that we desperately need in this age of pharmaceutical greed, complete medical incompetence and health insurance nightmares! You won't agree with everything and you will have to turn the cog of your thinking one or two clicks to open up to some of these powerful secrets but you WILL benefit even if you just try a few of the practices Andreas has written about. I also love that he includes the mental and emotional aspects of diseases such as cancer as this is HUGE in the formation or treatment of ANY disease and something our current medical model has completely ignored. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone as even with my vast knowledge, I too, have learned a few things and continue to enjoy increasing good health by incorporating this profound wisdom into my life! Andreas is best known for his famous liver and gallbladder flush which will do wonders for a clogged up system. For too long we have been overly concerned with the cleanliness and beauty of our external bodies while dumping garbage in our bodies day after day. It's time to start cleansing our inside and this book is full of wonderful ways to do just that. I would venture to say this book could be the bible of good health! Thank you Mr. Moritz for your years of study and for sharing your knowledge with us! I give it 10 stars!