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Get ready to meet your new BFF—the FlexiRoll Massager! This fantastic gadget is not just any massager; it's like having your own personal massage therapist but in a cute and fun package!

Let's dive into the awesomeness:


  1. Upgrade Galore: Our massager got a cool upgrade! The rolling ball manual design brings you the best massage and relaxation experience ever. It's like a spa day.
  2. Cuteness Overload: We added two adorable ears to our massager. Why? Because cute things make everything better! The humanized design is interesting and super fun. Plus, the soft dual balls are removable and washable, just like magic!
  3. Big Hugs for Your Muscles: With 2 pairs of long dual balls that can roll 360°, you can relax different body parts like your neck, legs, and more! No worries about hair sticking – just pin it back, and you're good to go!
  4. Say Goodbye to Stiffness: Feeling stiff or achy? The FlexiRoll Massager has your back (and neck, and legs)! Squeeze the handles, and let the soft balls work their magic. You control the force and intensity, so it's like having a customized massage just for you.
  5. Therapists' Hands at Your Service: Imagine feeling like a superstar with your personal massage therapist. The dual soft balls mimic their hands, relieving fatigue and muscle pain. Your sleep quality is about to get a major upgrade, and your body will thank you!

Fantastic Details:

  • Product Name: FlexiRoll Massager
  • Colors: Choose between happy blue or pretty pink!
  • Size: It's about 13.5 inches x 7 inches – the perfect size for all your relaxation needs!
  • Material: Made with love and Polypropylene
  • When to use: Anytime you need a little health massage boost
  • Design: Unisex design because everyone deserves to be happy!

Package Content:

  • 1 x FlexiRoll Massager
  • The Pink and Blue Set option includes 2 x FlexiRoll Massagers

Get ready to say hello to a happier, more relaxed you! Treat yourself to the FlexiRoll Massager and let the good vibes roll!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stefania F.
No more headaches

After doing neck massager I don't have headache or dizziness. I use it a few times a day.

Coco B.
Relaxing! Good quality.

This works well for sore neck muscles and is easy to use and super relaxing. One note: if you have long hair, it may get caught in the little wheels (make sure to tie your hair up!)

John S.
It Works!

This thing works!!! I have ordered many of contraptions to solve my neck problems but this one really works. Use it correctly and don’t over stress it’s limits. You will feel it working . It feels great while using it and the after results are positive.

Charlie G.
Using it for different reason than I bought it for

I bought this nifty little contraption after seeing an ad for something similar while playing a game on my phone. I bought it for headaches and tension in my neck. It works ok for that. But with having shoulder length hair I find it to be a pain in the neck (no pun intended) to use for that purpose. However it works great for pain in my legs & around my knees. I wake up every night with pains in my legs and knees and have to change my sleeping position. Now I sit up, use this thing for a minute, and I go right back to sleep. Over the last few weeks of using it I find I wake up less often, and I have fewer pains in my legs and knees.

If you're super skinny you could probably use this thing on your torso and glutes areas. You'd have to be built very, very slim for that though. I'm big boned, and then add in some middle aged fat and it just won't fit over those areas well enough to do anything. Even w/o any extra fat, I don't think it would work for me for those areas. But it was definitely a worthwhile purchase to use for my leg and knee pain. It's quite flexible and seems durable. I think it would take a lot to break it. I also love the way the knobs turn. I use it with the knobs in different directions to get a better massage.


I’ve had this for maybe one hour and felt compelled to write a review. BUY ONE! Mine arrived a day early and I was like a kid on Christmas waiting for the mailman. It got here and I could not get it out of the package fast enough. I used it for 10 minutes and I can honestly say, I don’t know the last time I haven’t felt tension in my neck. The way my arms hang at my sides now and my shoulder’s dropped, I was clearly caring A LOT of tension. I feel amazing. Price was this is a great tool to put in your arsenal. You can adjust the rollers to pinch more at the top or bottom of your neck. Will this last forever? Probably not, but it’s worth it. I think by the end of the week my wife will be saying that I need an intervention. I will definitely be using this on a daily basis.