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Introducing the Happy Hooper!

Get ready for the coolest way to stay fit and have fun - it's the Happy Hooper! This amazing hula hoop is like no other. It's super easy to use and will make you smile while you spin!

What makes the Happy Hooper special?

  1. Easy Peasy Assembly: With 24 or 28 detachable parts (your choice) that click together at the press of a button, the Happy Hooper is a breeze to put together. Adjust it to fit your waist perfectly!
  2. No More Dropping: Unlike regular hula hoops, the Happy Hooper stays put! Say goodbye to the frustration of hoops falling down, especially if you're just starting out.
  3. Massage Magic: Feeling a bit achy in the waistline? The Happy Hooper has a built-in massage function that will make you feel fantastic. It's like a mini spa for your waist!
  4. Slim and Trim: Not only is the Happy Hooper a blast to use, but it also helps you lose weight faster than a regular hoop. In fact, it burns fat 2-3 times quicker! Great for anyone wanting to shed some pounds - from students to office workers and even busy moms!

Why you'll love the Happy Hooper:

  1. Fits Most People: Kids, adults, and even grandparents - everyone can enjoy the Happy Hooper! Adjust it to your size, spin away, and watch the magic happen.
  2. Versatile Workout: Whether you're looking to lose weight or just want a fun way to stay active, the Happy Hooper is your go-to tool. Perfect for postpartum recovery and a great solution for office workers stuck in their chairs all day.
  3. Fat-Busting Fun: The Happy Hooper isn't just a hoop, it's your ticket to a healthier, happier you. It's like a secret weapon against body fat and fatigue - all while having a blast!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals:

Consistent Routine: Exercise just 5 days a week, dedicating 30 minutes each day, and watch as you burn up to 800 calories.
Anytime, Anywhere: Whether you're at home, in the gym, or enjoying the outdoors, our Happy Hooper is designed for on-the-go fitness.

    Benefits You'll Love:

    • Waist Shaping: Sculpt and shape your waist effortlessly.
    • Calorie Burn: Torch calories with every spin.
    • Portability: Easy to carry, so you can exercise wherever you go.
    • Leg Curves: Enhance and create beautiful leg curves.
    • Arm Workout: Tone and strengthen your arms.
    • Overall Health: Achieve a healthier, happier body.

    Get ready to transform your fitness journey with our Portable HulaFit System. Exercise has never been this convenient, effective, and fun! 🌟💪

    Tech Specs:

    • Material: Our hoop is made of super safe and durable ABS material. Smooth, burr-free, and slip-resistant for worry-free spinning!
    • Color: Gorgeous Purple, Grapefruit Pink, or Blue
    • Sizes: We've got options! 24 knots (waist circumference up to 48 inches) and 28 knots (waist circumference up to 56 inches).
    • Weight: About 3.5 pounds of pure happiness!
    • Design: Unisex

    Get ready to spin, dance, and have a hoop-tastic time with your very own Happy Hooper! Fitness, fun, and a fab waistline await!

    Package Content:
    1 x  Happy Hooper (sand not included)

    Easy Installation Steps:

    1. Unlock and Open: Gently pull the two clips outward and then push the two connectors forward and backward to easily open the connector.

    2. Fill with Powder: Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw on the gravity ball, then add around 7 ounces of sand or powder. Tighten the screw securely to ensure a stable workout.

    3. Simple Assembly: Place the pulley block in the middle of the product track. Wear the hula ring main body around your waist, and connect the two sides of the tail joint protruding cylinder into the connector. Secure the clasps on both sides for a snug fit.

    4. Custom Length Adjustment: If the hula hoop's length isn't perfect, simply open the connector, adjust the number of sections in the main body, and customize the length for a comfortable and effective workout. Keep it as compact as possible. 

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Shelby F.
        Save money

        They work well have used for 2 months with no issues down 30lbs!

        Tasha L.
        If you are trying to find the right weighted hoop, let me tell you, THIS IS IT!!!

        After seeing all these “weighted hoops” and what works and doesn’t I was super skeptical about making this purchase. And I can say, I am truly so glad I bought this! Very sturdy, it does not come apart or piece do not come off unless you unlatch the two latches. It’s adjustable by taking links or adding them. Much easier to use than expected! And the weighted ball does not catch it glides very easy! So glad I bought this!

        Ally G.
        So much fun

        This is so much fun to use. I wanted to bring it to work for my breaks and lunches but it is not quiet. It is a loud piece of exercise equipment. But very fun and had me sweating 5 minutes in!

        Katy S.
        Just like hula hooping

        I finally broke down and bought this product after it popping up in my TikTok for a month. It is a lot of fun and easy to do (even for someone out of shape like me). I just started today, so can't vouch for weight loss or inches lost yet, but it is easy to put together and easy to use! Excited to see if it helps me slim out in my middle.