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Home Sake Tick Removal Tool for Dogs, Cats and Humans | Ultra-Safe Tick Remover | Removes Entire Head & Body | Pain-Free Ticks Remover | 100% Chemical-Free Tick Control Products | Pack of 3

THE QUICKEST WAY TO GET RID OF TICKS PAIN-FREE No More Hassle Eliminating ticks doesn’t have to involve chemical-filled sprays, hard-to-use tweezers, or potentially irritating pet collars. With the Home Sake tick remover tool set, all you have to do is latch, twist, and pull! And we’ve included 3 tick sticks in every pack that includes a large one to easily remove engorged ticks, a smaller one to make quick work of smaller deer ticks, and another large one to conveniently keep as a spare. Whether you’re a pet owner or a fan of the outdoors, this tick remover tool kit is just what you need to deal with ticks in a pinch. Do It Right Tick removal done wrong can lead to the spread of infection like Lyme disease, leave the parasite’s head embedded in the skin, or cause a bloody mess by puncturing the engorged tick. But the simple yet innovative design of the Home Sake tick remover ensures 100% safe removal every time. Our tick removal tool not only steers away from the abdomen to prevent the spread of disease but also pulls out the entire tick including its head. Don’t risk it with tick removers that get the job done half-done. Deal with the pesky parasites completely with every pull of our tick remover. Here’s why you’ll love the Home Sake tick remover: - Effectively removes embedded ticks in seconds. - Completely pain-free and can be used on fussy pets. - Comes in varying sizes to handle all kinds of ticks. - Removes the tick completely-head and all. - Pack of 3 gives you unmatched value for money. Effectively get rid of ticks without any of the hassle, any of the pain, or any of the mess. Tips to Remember Do not try and kill a tick before removing it Never pull the tick during removal After removing a tick, it is recommended to disinfect the bite area with an antiseptic

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Customer Reviews

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Works great on my cats

Luna W.
It works!!!

Got ourselves a million ticks in our area & this little gadget works really well to get those nasty bugs out of my pup. I do recommend!

These work! 10 star worthy!

These tick remover‘s work! So far I have purchased four packages, some to keep some to give to friends. I highly recommend this tick remover, different sizes, match up perfect for different sized ticks! I live in an area that has lots of ticks, many varieties and sizes. I believe that these work better than tweezers. Those tiny deer ticks are truly too small for tweezers, yet these, the small one removes the tuck with ease.
My only improvement would be a hole in the handle portion so that i could run some string through to keep them all together.

Re Vue
It's a bit challenging to rotate the tool to get the ticks off, while keeping the Y-fork facing up.

It's worked well on ticks attached to our dog, and I like the idea of not leaving any mouth parts embedded in the pet. I also like the ability to remove ticks without squeezing them and possibly forcing tick guts & blood into the pet.

The instructions require you to slide the fork over the embedded tick sideways, the rotate the handle around the bite site three times. The instructions DON'T say you have to keep the tip of the fork at an upward angle while rotating, and doing so is non-intuitive and requires some careful rotating of the tool. If you simply rotate the handle and don't keep the tip of the forks facing at least slightly up & away from the pet, the tick slides right out of the fork. Then you've got to start over.

But after I figured out what I was doing incorrectly, I modified my speed & technique, and the ticks just come right out without a lot of effort, and without any worry.

While my pets are given the medicine that replaces flea & tick collars, which makes their blood poison to ticks, the ticks don't immediately bite & die because of that medicine. So they're attached for a while before they drop off dead. I like this tool for taking them off as soon as I notice them.