KL Support | kidney and liver detox support

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Support your body's natural ability of kidney and liver detox with KL Support.

KL Support helps with kidney and liver detox and with the kidney and liver's function of filtering and draining unwanted elements from the body.

Key Benefits • Facilitates the normal removal of toxin-laden materials via the liver and kidneys • Promotes healthy bile flow to encourage the release and elimination of toxins • Supports the body's natural antioxidant protection of the liver and kidneys

Coupling a unique blend of natural ingredients (including NAC, milk thistle, parsley gynostemma, collinsonia root, beetroot and marshmallow root) with our powerful BioActive Carbons, this product supports and promotes healthy kidney and liver function. As an integral part of the body’s cleansing and filtering system, proper kidney function is essential to any detox protocol.