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Looking for epsom salt to help detox your liver? Epsom salt can be  used during the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush recommended by Andreas Moritz. The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush recommends using epsom salt to detox the liver. Check it out here epsom salt detox liver.

Brand: Pure Organic Ingredients Store

Epsom Salt (2 lb.) by Pure Ingredients, Magnesium Sulfate Soaking Solution, All-Natural, Highest Quality & Purity, USP Grade

Revitalize Your Body and Garden with Pure Ingredients Epsom Salt

Unlock the potential of pure magnesium and sulfur with our premium Epsom Salt, designed for ultimate well-being and plant care.

Magnesium Magic:

  1. Enhanced Sleep & Concentration: Immerse yourself in the relaxing benefits that promote better sleep and heightened concentration.
  2. Muscle Cramp Relief: Soothe tired muscles and bid farewell to pesky cramps for a rejuvenated you.
  3. Oxygen Utilization: Improve the way your body uses oxygen for overall wellness.
  4. Inflammation Reduction: Embrace the anti-inflammatory properties that ease discomfort.
  5. Stress Relief: Let the calming effect of magnesium melt away stress.

Sulfur's Support:

  1. Detoxification: Experience the body detoxifying benefits of sulfur.
  2. Nutrient Absorption: Aid your body in absorbing essential nutrients for optimal health.
  3. Migraine and Headache Ease: Alleviate migraines and headaches with the soothing power of sulfur.

All-Natural Epsom Salt:

  1. Pharmaceutical & Food Grade: Trust in the highest quality, meeting USP standards.
  2. Sore Muscle and Feet Relief: Whether you're soaking in a bath or foot bath, feel the relief from soreness.
  3. Plant and Garden Safe: Elevate your gardening game by providing your plants with magnesium and sulfur.
  4. Quick Dissolving: Enjoy a seamless experience with our fast-dissolving formula.
  5. 100% Pure, Unscented, Non-GMO, Vegan: Embrace the purity of our Epsom Salt with confidence.

Suggested Uses for Ultimate Bliss:

  • Relaxing Bath: Add two cups to warm bath water, soak for at least 20 minutes to destress and rejuvenate muscles.
  • Foot Soak: Pamper your feet by adding one cup to warm water, soothing and softening aching feet.
  • Gardening Boost: Enhance your plants with a tablespoon in a gallon of water, applied as a spray.

Choose Pure Ingredients Epsom Salt for an unparalleled experience. Made in the USA, it's time to elevate your well-being and gardening game!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Detox bath

This is amazing for my detox baths! I love it so much. My skin felt great after !

Ruth K.
Am alive

Did the flush, it worked out ok. No stones but it was safe thus successful to me.

Elena K.
High quality! Great for gut cleanse!

High quality salt! Great for gut cleanse! Does its job well! Absolutely safe!

Raquel A.
Good cleanse

Definitely does the Job. Bought this because I wanted to take something else besides laxatives. I started with a half spoonful mixed with water . I was in the bathroom 30 min later. It definitely worked , and did it’s job. I would recommend start with smaller dose. Great for when your constipated.


The quality of this product is amazing! Within an hour i was already having bowel movement!
I wasn’t necessarily constipated but if youve read the liver and gallbladder cleanse from Andreas then this is the epsom salts i choose to use.