The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor by Gerald H. Pollack

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The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

Embark on a captivating journey through the world of water with Professor Pollack, where he unveils a concealed universe brimming with remarkable physical dynamics. In this fascinating voyage, Pollack reveals the simplicity behind the intricate changes in water's structure, offering insights that anyone with a curious mind can grasp. Through conversational prose, he establishes a foundational understanding of how alterations in water's composition form the basis for the majority of energetic transformations in shape and movement on our planet.

The book delves into the concept of the fourth phase of water, providing readers with valuable knowledge to enhance their comprehension of this essential element. Professor Pollack's accessible narrative style ensures that readers, regardless of their background, can unravel the mysteries of water's behavior and the profound implications it holds for the fundamental processes of life on Earth.

According to a review by Vijay P. Singh, PhD "This fourth phase is defined by the exclusion zone (EZ) that forms next to submersed materials and is a large zone of water. It is called exclusion zone because it excludes virtually everything. The EZ is a charge zone and is distinctively different from the bulk water. Its charge is significant and is commonly negative, whereas the bulk water has a complementary positive charge."

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Customer Reviews

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Tom N.
A Deep Dive into Water

Written by a leading authority on water, it contains information that was current as of the date of its publication. My only complaint is that this textbook really needs to be updated as much has been learned about water over the last dozen years.

And we thought we knew what water is?

Most of the story is way over my head but here we have and example of true science.
Unfortunately most of our present "scientists" got their phd. by telling the professor what he wanted to hear.
I recommend this book to anyone curious about how the world works.

Chip C.
A Scientific view of the greatest discovery about water since Newton discovered gravity, and it's...

If ever there existed the foundation for a cheap renewable energy, this book is the missing information that will explain it once it has been found. This is not a book about what I just said. It is about a new structure experimentally discovered in the phases of water that simply explains the wierd behavior we under certain conditions find in plain water. What is not ice, not liquid and not a gas, but is the clearest most pure substance one can find to quench the thirst? "The fourth phase of water".

What I find in this book is an answer to some newly arising questions in the field of hydrolysis. Some engineers and experimentations are using a new form of hydrolysis to break water down into Hydrogen and Oxygen for use as a fuel. This method promises and delivers a method for breaking down the bond that holds water together for far less energy than is gained by re-using the gases as a fuel. Without knowing it; this book explains the structure of water that makes that possible.

For some time amateur experimentalists (yes, guys today much like Tesla and Edison and other inventors of yesteryear) have been working on improving the concept of HHO fuel, the conversion of water into fuel. The first of these, a Joe cell, uses resonant energy found in pulsed DC, to cause a physical cavitation of the circular electrodes to assist in breaking down the bonds between H2O into HHO. This improved the water production, but did not lead to over unity production of energy. Meaning it was less than or equal to 100% efficiency. However, recent discoveries in plasma physics, along with the use of resonant cavitation has produced very strong conditions in water forcing it into this 4th phase with high voltage pulsed DC into two directions, not strictly AC; but very close. By getting the plasma, the cavity, and the water resonating at the bonding frequency, water literally separates into H and OH, a feat that is a principle condition described in this book. The induced voltage primes the water, and supports the existence of the plasma cavity, the production of H+OH feeds the plasma and constrains it. Excess H+ and as part of the process H + O is released in excess of the energy required to produce it. Replete with conspiracy stories, many of these early pioneers have met with suspicious and untimely deaths. The plans today are now open source, and can no longer be contained by any entity, and thus has existed the conspiracy realm.

Pollack goes into great depth in this book to describe the wonderful nature of this fourth phase of water, only hinting at what might be possible, this books purpose is purely from an atomic and scientific perspective and leaves conjectures and theories of being an alternative energy source to those better suited to address the new findings. One thing is certain, this is the pure, high energy, good for the body water this is now being sold by companies with a stranglehold on the prices of such 'filtration' devices. Learn for yourself how this wonderful fundamental facet of nature has gone undiscovered for so long, and how this new re-discovery of the fourth phase of water came about. Much of the book is written at a high school and lower chemistry level, with later chapters giving in depth information at a high level of education.

If you want a book that is straightforward science free of the alternative energy psyco-babble like I included in my review, this is exactly the book you want; take the journey from discovery to explanation from words right from the discoverer's mouth. Let your imagination wander and wonder, and the possibilities will emerge all on their own.