Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time by Andreas Moritz | heavy metals in vaccines

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Want to know about heavy metals in vaccines?

Consider the book Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time by Andreas Moritz. 

Andreas Moritz, acclaimed author of bestselling works such as "Timeless Secrets of Rejuvenation and Health" and "Cancer is Not a Disease," tackles another contentious topic in "Vaccine-nation." In this compelling exposé, Moritz dismantles what he terms the "Vaccine Myth," challenging the widely accepted belief that vaccines are both safe and effective in preventing diseases. He presents substantial scientific evidence suggesting that vaccines are implicated in the prevalence of numerous common diseases today.

Key revelations in "Vaccine-nation" include statistical evidence questioning the effectiveness of vaccines in eradicating infectious diseases like polio and the systemic impact of childhood vaccines and inoculations on the body's immune system. Moritz draws connections between vaccines and the surge in various health conditions, such as allergies, arthritis, autism, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The book sheds light on alarming statistics, indicating that vaccinated children experience higher rates of asthma, ADHD, neurologic disorders, and autism compared to their non-vaccinated counterparts. Moritz also questions the safety of vaccines, highlighting the lack of long-term safety testing and the underreporting of vaccine side effects, which protects vaccine manufacturers from liability.

"Vaccine-nation" goes beyond uncovering the controversies surrounding vaccines; it delves into the vaccine cartel, revealing profit motives behind the push for vaccinations and questioning the authenticity of public health concerns. Moritz dissects events like the 2009 swine flu outbreak, cautioning readers against blindly accepting the claims of vaccine makers.

In his signature style, Moritz advocates for a holistic and practical approach to a disease-free life. He emphasizes the mind-body connection, the importance of body cleansing, and the merits of naturally healthy living. "Vaccine-nation" encourages readers to critically examine the information surrounding vaccines and consider alternative paths to well-being.

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Customer Reviews

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It's My Journey
NO to Vaccines before I read the book and a definite NO now.

No one tells us growing up to not hand our power over to doctors who push drugs and vaccines. This book goes into great detail as all of Andreaus's work did in trying to inform the public. So many looking the easy fix... the next pill to pop or the next shot to shoot that we can’t see the truth and the great health that stands before us. We can’t see that we have the power to choose healthy. This book helps inform you!!! I definitely recommend!

Alex F.
Good for people who believe in natural medication and have questions over vaccines, lacks suffici...

I have read many books on vaccines and it is a disgrace that we are not allowed to make out own choice as to what chemicals we pump into our bodies and those of our children. So much for freedom of choice. This book explains many things well as well as the dark side of corporate greed that we all know and imagine (unless you are living a cave) by the big Pharma companies. However, the only think I did not like was that it is not footnoted well enough and references are not cited. This is why I give it only four stars. As I have read many books I know the stats so I do not need to look them up, however a first time reader would probably find a lot of what he has to say as hard to believe without the correct footnotes. Unfortunately Adreas passed away a few years ago, but maybe someone inches family will update the book on the future with footnotes?

Alert. Vaccine propaganda and profit at our expense.

I attend a small Catholic church in Minneapolis. I became friends with a woman who struggles to get through mass with two autistic children. Her eldest child was fully vaccinated and became autistic after MMR vaccine, and her life became tremendously difficult. She researched and limited the vaccine schedule for her son, who is less autistic. Her life is hard and her children are demanding, she is a single parent now. I believe there is a profoundly strong connection.

I stopped getting flu shots after it increased my asthma symptoms and put my health at risk. For 10 years I have been healthier and flu less without flu shots. I believe there is a connection to increased respiratory distress making us more vulnerable to illnesses with flu shots.

My dad lived to be in his nineties. He refused flu shots after becoming sick with the flu for weeks after a not so helpful flu vaccine. He believed in alternative medicines and maintaining a deep connection with his creator. He was healthy by avoiding flu vaccines.