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Andreas Moritz

Cancer Is Not a Disease - It's a Healing Mechanism by Andreas Moritz | most successful alternative cancer treatments

Cancer Is Not a Disease - It's a Healing Mechanism by Andreas Moritz | most successful alternative cancer treatments

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Looking for the most successful alternative cancer treatments?

Cancer Is Not a Disease - It's a Healing Mechanism offers a new way of looking at Cancer and its treatment.

In the 2016 expanded edition of "Cancer Is Not a Disease," Andreas Moritz challenges the prevailing notion that cancer is a disease, asserting that it is the body's ultimate response to combat life-threatening cell congestion and toxins. Moritz advocates for addressing the underlying conditions that trigger cancerous cell production, paving the way for comprehensive healing of the body, mind, and emotions—an approach he deems highly successful in alternative cancer treatments.

This groundbreaking book introduces a transformative perspective on cancer, disrupting the conventional model. Moritz reveals the limitations of mainstream treatments, highlighting a mere 7% remission rate with temporary results. He contends that foregoing conventional treatments might yield better outcomes, challenging the narrative that often results in more harm than good.

"Cancer Is Not a Disease" explores the true causes of cancer and guides readers in removing obstacles hindering the body's self-healing abilities. Moritz contends that cancer is not an assault on life but a desperate attempt by the body to save itself. To alter this grim reality that affects nearly half the population, the book invites readers to shift their perception and embrace empowerment, self-mastery, and a journey from illness to health.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Will change your life

After hearing the Dr. say to my husband you have cancer and do chemo or you will not be here next year.... this book came into my life. I read it in two days soaking in every word. It was life changing no doubt and a ENORMOUS paradigm shift from what we have been programmed to believe regarding cancer. My husband trusted me and the words in this book and made changes... mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It was hard going against the grain of conventional cancer therapy .. the bullying by the doctors is incredible. But we stood strong. A year later my husband is 2.0 version. He is stronger in every way. He is a walking testament to healing your WHOLE body. He is more alive than ever. Read this book. It will change your life and save you or your loved one.

Fantastic, stunning, eye-opening

As a trained chemist, science always comes first in how I approach...well, everything. Let me begin with saying that this is a phenomenal book and it questions conventional wisdom. From a scientific standpoint, taking some time to review some of the literature...a lot of the science actually holds. I would argue a few (emphasis on a few) of the points made in the book, specifically the vegetarian well as the correlation vs causation of a non veg diet with the onset of cancer. With that said, the book is still life changing and will make you re-think conventional medicine and the massive money in pharmaceuticals. At the very least (for those who will never question anything) this book makes a solid argument for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, including: GMO free, low fat, non processed, low sugar, organic, vegetable and fruit diet. Even if you throw all of his other arguments out the window, this is one area his logic coincides with what any competent nutritionist or MD will tell you about a healthy diet. If they don't (as a chemist with a minor in biology who has been working out and researching healthy diets and reading the actual science journals from which the research stems...forever) trust me when I say no GMO, organic, non-processed foods, essentially everything he argues for, is right on the money. One last note, the books starts a bit slow and seems a bit repetitive at first....just give it time, I promise it's worth the read!

Loved his angle on things! Its a 'wake up call' for many people & its positively supportive.

I really enjoyed how he states Cancer is a cry for help from the body - its a survival alarm to say the body needs big changes, nutrition, cleansing, addressing of emotions and living life in balance - for anyone who has been freaked out that they have a 'disease' - it puts it back into perspective and simply put really says - you just need to sort certain things out and you are in charge & can support your body to come back into balance (with suggestions and guidance to help the reader to do so) I think it is a great read for practitioners & also anyone who may be scared after having been told they have Cancer - it needn't be so scary.