Pure Malic Acid Powder (1.5 lbs) | natural gallbladder cleanse

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Looking for a natural gallbladder cleanse?

Malic acid powder can be using during the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush recommended by Andreas Moritz. The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush is a natural gallbladder cleanse. Check it out at this link.

Brand: Pure Organic Ingredients Store

Pure Malic Acid Powder (1.5 lbs) (600 Serving), Boost Energy Production*, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Help with Muscle Pain & Soreness*, Rejuvenate Skin*

PURE Malic Acid Powder Contains 600 mg per Serving of the Highest Quality Malic Acid Available. Gives Wine, Candy and Other Foods & Drinks a Tart/Sour Taste.

100% Pure DL Malic Acid:

Naturally Found in Fruits and Vegetables Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties* Naturally Produced by the Body Food and USP Grade

Does Not Contain: Chemicals, soy, dairy, yeast, sugar, gluten, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Health Benefits & Uses:
May promote energy production, increase exercise endurance and help fight muscle fatigue.* May be combined with creatine supplements to improve body absorption of creatine.* May help improve skin smoothness and tone, reduce wrinkles, and hydration.* In combination with magnesium, may alleviate muscle pain and soreness.* Malic acid may serve to exfoliate dead skin, making way for newer skin.* Its sour and acidic nature may help stimulate salivary glands.* May help increase muscle performance and mental focus.*

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 serving (600 mg per serving) of malic acid 1 to 3 times daily.

Highest Quality & Potency Guaranteed: Sourced from Canada. Packaged in American Fork, Utah.

Use Within 2 Years of Purchase Date

Eligible for Refund or Replacement if damaged or defective:
If the item arrives damaged or defective, you may request a refund or replacement within 30 days of delivery.

Warning: For adult use only. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medication, consult your healthcare professional before using this or any other substance as a dietary supplement.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.

    Customer Reviews

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    Chris A.
    Sour yummy

    Love sour flavor. Not disappointed in this food grade acid. Delicious

    Synthetic but works

    I bought for liver flush due to liver stones and gall stones. I also have kindey stones pain and only peeing very little after drinking 2 to 4 cups of healthy fluids (water, herbal tea etc) . My first day when pain started, I added 1 tsp in 32 oz of water with 2 tbs of fresh squeezed lemons and drank half and waited a few hours and drank the second half. Kidney pain gone immediately, and I peed a lot. It is difficult to dissolve but after shaking while drinking my solution, it was fine.Product kind of hurt my throat (no biggie) and tongue so I now I drink with a straw and my throat feels fine after a few hours. I read on a health blog that malic acid L is more natural and malic acid DL is synthetic. Although this product worked wonderfully, I'm going to buy the L instead and keep this for an emergency. I don't like that the package has no information on it ie serving size, ingredients, etc. It doesn't even say it's DL. I found it later on the description in amazon. I give it 4 star bc its synthetic and no information of package.

    Josh M.
    Great purchase...cleanse savior

    I actually don't mind the taste one bit. Easier to do this then tons of apple juice for cleanse.

    Great for the miracle liver/gallbladder cleanse

    Use to soften gallstones and prepare your body for the liver/gallbladder cleanse. Instead of apple juice, which raises blood sugar a lot and might contribute to insulin resistance. A tartness like cranberries when diluted. Follow the Moritz protocol religiously for safe results.

    Brenda S.
    Depending on what using for do your research

    Used as a replacement of malic acid contained in Apple juice as a way to soften billiary duct stones in both the liver & gall bladder. Product works well. 1 tsp per 32 Oz of purified water. The taste is very tart so I added natural Stevia Powder to make it more palatable. This malic acid is so important in helping to soften stones. It worked for me along with a special diet followed for 5 days of softening the stones prior to final steps of detox to flush the stones. Everyone is different which is why I combined with a natural sweetener to make more palatable others may not mind the taste without using a sweetener