Handheld Neck Massager with 6-Ball Massage Points - Shoulder, Neck, and Back Pain Relief Tool for Deep Tissue Massage (Blue or Pink)

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Pain Relief Neck Massager
Experience effective pain relief with our innovative neck massager, designed to mimic the double arc of the human body curve. Release tension, stiffness, and painful muscles in the neck, shoulders, or legs by applying direct pressure and targeting key points on your body. Improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue for enhanced well-being.

360° Adjustable Rotating Design Our neck massage roller features six rotating balls that can be adjusted 360° to suit your preferred angle, allowing for a deeper and more effective massage experience.

Portable and Lightweight Weighing only 8 oz, lighter than an apple, this handheld neck massager is incredibly portable. Easily fit it in your backpack or travel bag to enjoy personalized deep tissue pain relief whether at home or on the go. 

Ergonomic & Effortless Comfort Six soft and durable silicone balls target tense muscles and pressure trigger points, providing customizable pain relief suitable for all age groups. Easily control the intensity by squeezing the handle for effortless comfort.

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Colors: Blue or Pink

Package contents:

1 x Neck massager


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Customer Reviews

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Neck massage roller

Even though it looks strange, it really works well on my neck to help relieve tension .I highly recommend it

Great little device!

For many years, I’ve relied upon a percussion massager to loosen the knots in my neck and back muscles. Although it works well, it’s very heavy, awkward, and requires electricity. This clever device, however, does the job nearly as well but much more easily and quietly. Plus, it will be so simple to take along on trips as it’s lightweight and small. I found the rollers to glide smoothly and to adjust well to my body curves. I really like how easy it is to use on my legs, too. Another plus is that it doesn’t hurt your bones the way a percussion massager does.

Solid Product

A bit wide for a smaller neck but very flexible and does the trick!


This product is simply amazing! I injured my neck during aerobics a couple of weeks ago and this is just what i needed. Many may think that the automatic one is better but thats far from the truth. This one allow you to control just how much pressure is needed as well as the rolling balls allow you to roll into the small grooves in your neck. It removed so much tension from my neck! Thank you for this much needed product, now everyone in my family uses it. Its time they purchase their own!!

Nice massage tool

Ordered this after my dad fell in love with his (what was meant to be a gag gift) back scratcher. I gave it a try before gifting this to him and I was surprised how nice it feels. I have a thicker neck and it fit me well. The tool is easy to use and the pads are made of a material that doesn’t poke too hard.