SOLADEY 3 Ionic Toothbrush, Solar Panels and TiO2 Semiconductor ( Medium Blue ),Ready to use Soladey Ionic Toothbrush

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Brand: Soladey

SOLADEY 3 Ionic Toothbrush, Solar Panels and TiO2 Semiconductor

Ready to use Soladey Ionic Toothbrush

Solar technology reinvents the SOLADEY-3 toothbrush.

Dual power of semiconductor and solar technology cuts away plaque. The next-generation toothbrush has arrived.

  • TiO2 semiconductor (Titanium oxide) : Incorporating a titanium oxide photocatalyst.
  • METAL BODY : Stainless-steel body gives a hygienic feeling.
  • SOLAR PANEL : Equipped with solar panel. Provides even more powerful plaque removal (Newly developed) .

How Soladey-3 Works

  • When light strikes the solar panel, electrons e- are created. These electrons e- proceed from the minus pole toward the semiconductor along the lead wire.
  • When light strikes the moistened semiconductor, electrons are created (photocatalytic action). Together with the electrons created, these electrons move into the inside of the mouth via moisture such as saliva.
  • These double electrons remove the hydrogen ion H+ in plaque, making it unstable.
  • As a result, plaque is easier to remove, and brushing has a greater effect on achieving healthy teeth.


TiO2 semiconductor (Titanium oxide) : Incorporating a titanium oxide photocatalyst.

METAL BODY : Stainless-steel body gives a hygienic feeling.

SOLAR PANEL : Equipped with a solar panel. Provides even more powerful plaque removal (Newly developed).

Approximate usage times - 2 minutes per use/Approx. 120 uses (240 min) -

Soladey-3 effectively removes plaque by emitting electrons. The electrons coat the teeth entirely, ensuring they remain sparkly clean even 12 hours after brushing. 

  • Dual power of semiconductor (titanium dioxide) and solar technology cuts away plaque. Soladey-3 ionic toothbrush effectively removes plaque by emitting electrons.
  • Soladey-3 ionic toothbrush has a lot of clinical data that shows it removes plaque much better than regular toothbrushes.
  • The electrons coat the teeth entirely, ensuring they remain sparkly clean even 12 hours after brushing. Soladey-3 cleans and removes dirt without the use of toothpaste.
  • The holder part of Soladey-3 can be used semi-permanently. When the brush spreads, replace only the brush part.
  • Patented in 12 countries (U.S.A., Canada, Japan, U.K., Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Korea, Taiwan), SOLADEY is a Japanese brand with 40 years of history and has published 80 dental conferences and papers.


With the brush attached, moisten the semiconductor section with water and use it in a well-lit area.

Recommended minimum brightness: bright enough to see yourself in the mirror. Bright enough to use a solar powered calculator.


Semiconductor-equipped toothbrushes are recognized as having high plaque removal ef fectiveness by the International Institute for Preventive Dentistry, Japan Dental Associa tion, etc.


SOLADEY is FDA registered in the USA by Registrar Corp (2022).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I have been using this toothbrush for around 4 months. I just had my 3 month periodontal maintenance appointment and am so thrilled with the results. I have been moved from 3 month maintenance to 6 month maintenance after a lifetime of periodontal disease. This past appointment the cleaning took around 20 minutes compared to the 40 minute appointments I was used to. It was the first time in years that they did not use any arestin treatments. The best part was that they have confidently moved my schedule from every three months to every 6 months. If you have any incidence or severity of periodontal disease, then this is the perfect tooth brush for you. I use it once per day with only water followed by flossing and a mouth rinse. You won't be disappointed.

Best toothbrush

I was skeptical about how well this toothbrush would work, especially without toothpaste. It works awesome. It removed plaque much better than my normal toothbrush and toothpaste. Teeth felt much cleaner as well. I will never go back to a regular toothbrush

TOOTHPASTE OPTIONAL!!! Even with no toothpaste this is the BEST toothbrush ever!!!

Wow…I don’t even know how to describe how amazing this toothbrush is…a random person in a group chat from Germany told me about this and I was extremely skeptical at first, but seriously guys. YOU NEED TO BUY THIS! As Americans, they hide everything from us that is cheap, simple, and effective. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will learn to dig deeper and seek healthier options. I wish there were more sellers of this brush on Amazon, and I can’t currently find ANY replacement heads at all. I’ll keep checking because they pop up once in a while.

GET ONE OF THESE AND TRY IT! And look it up on YouTube to hear what others say about it!

Excellent results on a three month trial - edited, amazed at the 6 month trial

This toothbrush is a miracle.
Here is my 3 month review: I have hereditary issues with bad tartar build up, receding gums and pockets. I started the Soladey-3, using soft bristle heads I purchased separately the day of my last dental cleaning. I just returned from my first cleaning since. The results were impressive. Pockets in my back gums went from a 5 to a 4. The only tartar was in my hard to clean un-straightened lower front teeth. And, here is the really cool part – I forgot I had purchased a solar product. I've been using this thing like a regular toothbrush with plenty of foam. I've got a small hand, but it sure didn't seem like it was hard to keep charged. I'm totally satisfied.

More than satisfied - this thing is amazing. Here is the 6 month update:
Just went back to see the dentist this time. My gum pockets are now almost all down to three (I have a couple of fours left - no fives), and both the dentist and the dental hygienist remarked that there was almost no build-up. I used the toothbrush the first three months without toothpaste. I wasn't sure of the long term effects of dropping the fluoride and other benefits of the toothpaste, however, so I added it back for the second three months of the trial. The brush definitely works with toothpaste. Both ways appear to be equally effective in removing build-up. And, with six months of both my husband and I using the same base, the solar battery is still going strong.

I don't know what more I can say. I've always been diligent about my gums. I was brushing, flossing, and using mouth wash twice a day before. My pockets went from fours and fives to threes. The only difference was the toothbrush. I used it for six months now, and it has made a big difference. Wish every product I discovered was this good.